The 6 best XI of the Round of 32 in Champions League.

The first round of the Champions League is over, and the teams are now playing in the second round. The matches of the round of 32 were held in the last weekend. The fans were able to watch the matches of their favorite teams. The following teams are the favorites of the tournament:
* Barcelona;
* Bayern;
• PSG.
Also, the teams from the Old Continent were not far behind. The Champions League was a real success for the teams of the Old World. The teams from England, France, and Germany were not able to get a foothold in the Champions league, but they managed to win a place in the next round.
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The most interesting part of the first round was the confrontation between Barcelona and Bayern. The first match of the confrontation was held in Munich, and it was very tense. The team of Pep Guardiola was clearly the favorite of the match. The result of the game was a draw. The second match was held on the field of the Bernabéu. The score was 2:0 for the Catalans. The match ended with the victory of the team of Guardiola.
In the second match, PSG was the main rival of Barcelona. The game was held at the home field of Real. The final score was 3:1 for the hosts.
However, the final score of the confrontations was not the only interesting part. The most important part of Champions League games was the performance of the teams in the bench. The bench of the clubs was full of stars.
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Champions League fixtures
The Champions League fixtures are always an interesting part in the season. The main favorites of this tournament are:
1. Barcelona. This team has won the Champions trophy twice. The last time was in 2018. The Catalans have a good lineup, and they are always ready to play.
2. Bayern. This club has won two Champions trophies. The previous time was back in 1990. The club is a real favorite of this season.
3. Juventus. This is a great club from Turin. The players of this team are ready to fight for the title.
4. Real Madrid. The Royal Club has won three Champions trophies, and in the previous season it was the champion.
5. Liverpool. This great team has recently won the Premier League. The Reds are the main favorites in the current season. They have a great lineup, which can surprise the audience.
6. PSG is another team that is a favorite of many fans. The Parisians have won the most trophies of the previous seasons, and this time they have a real chance to win the title of the best team in the world.
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Main Favorites of the Second Round
The second round of Champions league was held. The competitors of Barcelona and PSG were:
• Manchester City;
The team of Josep Guardiola has a good roster, and its main competitors are: ​​Real Madrid, Juventus, and Liverpool.
• Tottenham Hotspur.
Tottenham Hotspur is another club that is not far from the leaders. The Spurs have a very good lineup. They are able to surprise the fans with their performance.
Next to the leaders, the following teams can be called the outsiders of the current Champions League season:
· Liverpool;
· Manchester United;
It was a tough fight for all the teams. However, the main favorite of Champions was Manchester City. The Citizens had a good game, and managed to score a lot of goals.
After the first match, the City was the favorite. In the second game, the Citizens were defeated by the team from Barcelona.
Manchester United was the second club that was defeated by Barcelona. It was the game of the Red Devils against the Catalons. The scores were 2:1 and 2:2.
This was the first time that the Red devils were defeated in a Champions league match. In 2018, they were defeated at the first stage of the competition.
At the end of the season, the Red Devil’s were the only team that left the tournament. The other teams were: ​“Liverpool”, ​”Barcelona” and ​‘Juventus”.
There were no surprises in the fight for gold medals. The Red Devils managed to get into the next stage of this competition, and will face the team that will get into next season the Champions.
Results of the Games
The season of the European football has ended. The winners of the championship were: “Manchester City”; “Barcelona”; “Liverpool”; ‘Juve” (the team of “Inter”); “Bayern” and “PSG”.
The teams played a total of 7 matches. All the results of them are available here.
“City” won the title with the score of 5:1.

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