Top 10 goalkeepers in the world

The list of the top 10 goalkeeping in the World is a long one. It includes the best players from all over the world. It is easy to follow their livescores thanks to the reliable resource.
The top goalkeepers are:
1. David Ospina from Spain. He has already managed to become the most expensive goalkeeper in history.
2. David De Gea from Italy. He is the current goalkeeper of the New York Red Bulls.
3. Thibaut Courtois from France. He became the first goalkeeper to win the Champions League.
4. Pepe Reina from Portugal. He was the goalkeeper of Real Madrid for almost 10 years.
5. Gianluigi Buffon from Italy, who became the champion of Italy.
6. Gianfranco Zola from France, who won the World Cup.
7. Tim Howard from the United States. He won the Golden Glove.
8. David’s brother, Frank, from England. He managed to be the goalkeeper for the English Premier League. He also won the Champions Cup. He recently moved to the New England Revolution.
9. Gianluca Vialli from Italy is the goalkeeper who has the most number of titles.
10. Giancarlo Gentile from Italy became the winner of the Champions Trophy.
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The best goalkeeping results of the season
The season 2018/19 is in full swing and many great results of clubs and players have already been announced. The main favorites of the championship are: ​​Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, PSG, Bayern, Juventus, and Liverpool.
In the last season, the main goalkeepers of the Old Continent were:
* Pepe Reinaldo from Portugal;
* David OSpina from Spanish;
* Gianluig Buffon;
* Tim Howard;
and, finally, the English goalkeeper, David DeGea.
All these players have managed to demonstrate their maximum in the field. In the course of the tournament, they have managed not to lose points. The list of their best results is presented here.
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Latest livescore of the most interesting matches
The football season is in its last stretch and many interesting matches are held. The most interesting are:
* the Champions league final;

* Europa League final;

and, of course, the Worldcup.
This year, the Champions final will take place. The winner of this match will get the title of the strongest club in the history of the game. The last time the Champions were in the final was in 1990.
Now, the Europa League is also in its final. The best club will be the winner. The tournament has already become a real test of skills.
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Livescore of matches of the Europa league final
The Europa League has become a true test of skill. This season, it is interesting to watch the matches of this tournament. The winners of the final will be able to claim the title.
For the winner, it will be a real challenge to become a champion of the whole Europe. The Europa League results are presented here, as well as the livescore.
Most interesting matches of football season 2018
The start of the football season was quite successful for the main favorites. Now, it’ll be interesting to see who will be their main competitor in the long run.
Among the main competitors of the main favorite of the start of football are:​
* Liverpool;
• Manchester City;
• Chelsea;
· PSG;
and ​​Bayern.
These clubs are the main contenders for the title in the whole tournament. They have already managed not only to win, but also to get into the Europa Cup zone.
Liverpool is the most successful club in Europe. It has already won the European Cup twice. The first time in 1992. The second time in 1996.
Despite the fact that the team is quite young, it has managed to win both cups.
However, it should be noted that the current Liverpool is not the best team in the Old World. The current Liverpool has many problems.
One of them is the lack of motivation. The team is not in the best shape, and the players are tired of winning.
But the main problem of the team, which has already caused the failure in the Europa tournament, is the poor form of the leaders.
They are tired and tired of playing for the club.
Thus, the Liverpool has a chance to get a place in the Champions club. The failure of the club in this tournament will be another proof of the poor condition of the Liverpool.
Likes of the livescan of the matches
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