Top 10 transfers on deadline day in January 2017

The transfer window is always a time of surprises. This is especially true for the football players. The transfer market is flooded with interesting transactions, which will be discussed in detail in the next sections.
The first of them is the signing of the young Spanish striker. The young player, who is already 5 years old, has already scored a few goals for Real Madrid.
Another interesting transfer is the acquisition of the goalkeeper of the Spanish club Sevilla, which is a former player of the team, who left for the Spanish capital.
In addition, the team of the Royal Club of Valencia will be strengthened by the acquisition the young midfielder. The player is a young Spanish player who has already played for the first team of Sevilla.
This player will be able to replace the injured Javi Garcia, who has recently left the team.

The main transfer of the new year is the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. The Portuguese player has already won the Ballon D’Or award. The new Juventus will be the main club of Europe, which means that the player will get a lot of money and the chance to play in the Champions League.
It is worth noting that the transfer will be completed on January 31st, 2017. The club will be playing in the Serie A. The main transfer will cost the club about 500 million euros.
You can always follow the latest news on the transfer market on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the information about the transfers of the teams from all over the world.
How to follow the transfers on the sports statistics website?
The new year has already brought a lot to the transfer markets. The most interesting transfers are the ones that will affect the lives of the fans.
One of the most interesting transfer deals is the one that will be made by Juventus. This transfer will help the team to become one of the main clubs in Europe.
Juventus is the main team of Europe. It is the team that has won the Champions Cup, the European Cup, and the Super Cup. The team of Turin has also won the Serie a for the last 5 years.
However, the main goal of the club is to win the Champions league. The previous season, the club lost to Real Madrid, but the team managed to win a place in the playoffs.
Now, the new season promises to be even more interesting. The players of Juventus have already managed to get into the Champions play-off round. The first match of the round was played against the Real Madrid team. The game ended with a score of 4:1 in favor of the Turin team. However, the final score was 3:0.
After the game, the players of the Real team were surprised by the fact that the team has a player who is 5 years older than them. The Real players did not expect such a young player in their team. Ronaldo was already 30 when he started his career.
He is a player that is able to score a lot and give the team a lot. The fans of the Portuguese player are already looking forward to the new campaign.
Who will win the next Champions League?
This season, Juventus has a lot at stake. The Champions League is one of its main goals. The last time the club won the tournament was in 1992.
At the same time, the Champions was won by the team from Turin. The success of the previous season was the result of the teamwork of the players.
Fans of the game are also looking forward for a new season. The next season, it will be even harder to win gold medals. The teams will play in a new tournament, which has not been held for a long time.
There will be a lot more matches, which the fans will be interested in.
What are the main goals of the next season?
Fans are looking forward not only for the success in the tournament, but also for the future of the clubs. Juventus has already managed a lot, but it is not enough. The future of Turins will be decided by the results of the matches.
If the team wins the Champions, it can be considered as a success. However this is not the only goal of Juventus.
They have a lot in their future. The following things can be mentioned:
1. Winning the Champions.
2. Successful transfer campaign. The current season is a good example of this.
3. Good performance in the domestic championship.
4. Young and talented team. They have a good chance to win many trophies.
5. Progress in the international arena.
All these are the reasons why the fans of Juventus are looking for the next year.
Will the team win the European cups?
It has already been said that the club will win many cups. However the team is not yet ready for the final confrontation. The final triumph will be achieved only when the team will be ready for it.
For this, the fans have to wait for the new coach. The coach of the Italian team will not be the one who has won many trophies, but someone who will be capable of leading the team in the future.
Among the candidates for the job of the coach of Juventus, the most popular are the Spanish coaches. The Spanish coach has already led the team successfully in the past.

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