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The season of the Champions League is in full swing, and the struggle for gold medals is in the air. The main contenders for the title are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City and Bayern. The fight for the coveted trophy is not going to be easy, because the teams are quite capable of defeating their rivals.
However, there is no doubt that the main contenders will be able to count on victories. The Champions League has become a real treat for fans, and it is now much easier to follow the results of the matches.
The most popular tournament of the Old World is the Champions’ League. It is the most prestigious club competition in the football world. The tournament is held every year, and this time it is especially interesting for fans.
There are several factors that make the Champions’ League so popular. The most important of them is the fact that it is held in the summer, which allows the clubs to rest and prepare for the next season.
Also, the tournament is quite easy to follow. It can be done via any device. There is a special website that provides the latest information about the tournament. This is a great opportunity to not miss anything important from the world of the club competitions.
This season, the main favorites of the tournament are:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;
* Bayern;
* Juventus;
* PSG.

The list of the main competitors of the teams in the Champions league is quite long. Among them, the most interesting are:
* Juventus;
* Inter;

* Napoli;
* Atletico.
In the next seasons, the teams will be strengthened by a number of new players. It will be very interesting to watch the future of the leaders of the strongest club competitions in the Old Continent.
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Who will be the main winners of the season?
The main favorites in the tournament this season are: Real Madrid and Barcelona. The teams have been fighting for the gold medals for a long time. The last time they won the Champions trophy was in 2016.
Barcelona has long been considered the main favorite of the Spanish championship. The Catalans have won the tournament a number number of times. The team is a real favorite of all the club tournaments.
Real Madrid is another team that is considered one of the favorites of all tournaments. The club has won the most trophies in the Spanish league. The current season of Real Madrid is quite successful, and many fans consider it as the best in the history of the championship.
Of course, the team has its problems, but the current season is a good example of how the team can be strengthened. The coach of the team, Zinedine Zidane, has been working for several years, and he has already managed to improve the team’s results.
It is also worth noting that the current campaign is quite important for the team. In the Champions tournament, the club is fighting for its first trophy. This will allow the team to enter the elite division of Spanish football for the first time in several years.
What are the main problems of the Madrid team?
Real is a team that has a number problems. The problems include:
1. Lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing the gold medal. They are not motivated to win it.
2. Lackadaisical game. The Madrid team is not able to play at their maximum.
3. Unstable lineup.
4. Inaccurate passing.
5. Lacklustre performance in matches.
You should not forget that the team is in a transition period. The previous season, Real Madrid was a real contender for the champion title. However, the current coach, Zidani, has not managed to bring the team back to the elite level.
Many fans are expecting the team from Madrid to be able not only to win the gold, but also to enter in the elite category. This season, many leaders of Real are not able yet to show their maximum, which is a serious problem for the club.
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The championship of the Premier League is already over, and football fans can look forward to a lot of interesting matches.

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