Top 7 most expensive footballers

Top 7 most expensive footballers in the world

The season is in full swing and it is time to start the list of the most expensive players in the history of football. The list of top-rated footballers is always a subject of great interest to fans, analysts and experts.
The list of most expensive athletes is presented here, which will allow you to choose the most suitable player for your team.
1. Cristiano Ronaldo
The Portuguese football player has become one of the main stars of the Portuguese national team. He has scored more than 100 goals in the national championship. The Portuguese player is the main scorer of the Champions League and the Portuguese Cup.
He is the best scorer of La Liga, too. The previous season, he scored more goals than Lionel Messi. The next season, the Portuguese player will be the main star of the European Championship.

2. Lionel Messi
The Argentinean football player is considered to be one of football’s greatest players. He is the top scorer of all the European championships and the Champions Cup. He scored more in the Champions tournament than the winner of the World Cup, Germany’ Messi.
In the last season, Messi scored more points in the Worldcup than the Argentinian player did in the Copa America.
3. Ronaldo
This season, Ronaldo has become the main contender for the Golden Ball. He managed to score more goals in La Liga than the previous season. The Ronaldo of this season is more powerful and dynamic.
It is worth noting that the Portuguese football star is not the only one who is trying to become the best in the football world. Messi, Ronaldo and others are trying to achieve the same goal.
4. Cristal
The Spanish football player became a great player only in the last few years. He became the main player of the Real Madrid. He won the Champions trophy with the club.
This year, the Spanish football star managed to win the European Cup. The main goal of the player is to win a gold medal at the World Championship. It is worth mentioning that the Spanish player has already won the Copao.
5. Ronaldo and Messi
Ronaldo is the most famous football player in the planet. He scores a lot of goals and has a great number of assists.
Messi is one of those football players who is able to score goals even in the most difficult situations. He often scores in the penalty area and in the middle of the field.
6. Ronaldo’
The famous Portuguese footballer is considered as the best player of all time. He plays for Juventus and is the leader of the club’.
Ronaldinho is also a great football player. He was the best football player of Brazil in the previous seasons.
7. Zinedine Zidane
The French football player won the most prestigious club trophy, the Champions Trophy. He also won the French League.
Zidane is considered the best coach of the planet, too, and he has managed to get the best results in the French championship.
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Most expensive football players in history
The most expensive player in history is Cristiano. The player has a salary of 5 million dollars.
Cristiano Ronaldo has managed not only to become one the best players of the world but also to become a great star of his country. The Spanish player scored more for Juventus than any other player in its history.
During the last years, the Juventus team won the European Cups, the Super Cups and the Club World Cups.
At the same time, Ronaldo managed to become an icon of the game. He always managed to find a way to score a goal. He even managed to finish his career in the best club of the Old Continent.
However, the main goal for the Portuguese star is to become world champion. He needs to win gold medals in the following tournaments:
* Champions League;
* Europa League;
* Club World Cup.
The player has managed successfully to achieve this goal. Now, the player has the opportunity to win even more trophies.
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Latest news on football players
The football season is almost over. The new season will begin in the near future. The top-5 most expensive performers are:
1) Cristiano
2) Lionel
3) Zinedin
4) Ronaldo
5) Messi.

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