Top 7 players to watch out for in the Champions League

The start of the new season of the Champions league has already brought a lot of surprises. The competition is becoming more and more intense, and the number of contenders for the title is increasing. The main contenders for gold medals are:
1. Liverpool. The team of Jurgen Klopp has already won the Champions trophy twice, so it’s clear that it‘s ready to do it again. The Reds have a good lineup, and it“s enough to watch the matches of the team to understand that they are ready to fight for the victory.
2. Manchester City. The previous season, the Citizens lost to Liverpool in the final, but they managed to get to the semifinals. The new coach of the club is Josep Guardiola, who has already managed to win the Champions title twice.
3. Barcelona. The Catalans have a very strong lineup, which can be seen in the matches against the main contenders. The club has a very good coach too, Ernesto Valverde, who managed to lead the team from the first round to the final.
4. Real Madrid. The last time the Royal club lost to Barcelona in the finals was back in 1993. The players of the Meringues are now ready to win again, and they are capable of doing it.
5. PSG. The Parisians have a strong lineup and are ready for any challenge. The coach of PSG, Thomas Tuchel, has already led the team in the French championship for a long time, so he knows how to use the squad.
6. Bayern. The Bavarians have a great lineup, so they are able to win any match. The lineup of the Munich team is very balanced, and its coach, Niko Kovac, is able to make the necessary adjustments to the team’ game.
7. Juventus. The Turin club has already been in the top 4 for a number of years, so its players are ready not only to win gold medals, but also to be in the European Cup zone.
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The new season promises to be really interesting, and we’ll see who will be the main favorites of the tournament.
Who will be in a position to win it all?
The Champions League is a tournament that is very popular among fans. It’ s a chance to see the best players in the world, and to see how they perform in the international arena.
The current season promises a lot, and there are a lot to choose from. The Champions League has become much more interesting, because now the main competitors are not only the top European clubs, but other national teams too.
Among the favorites of this season, we should mention:
* Barcelona;
* PSG;

* Bayern;
3* Real Madrid;
4* Juventus;
5* Napoli;
6* Atletico.
These clubs have already won gold medals in the tournament, so you can be sure that they will do their best to win another one.
Of course, the main goal of any club is to win all the trophies, but it”s also important to be at the top of the standings, and this is what the Champions is all about.
Where to find the results of the matches?
It’’d be great to watch all the matches, but this is not always possible. However, you can follow the results on the sports statistics website. It provides the latest data from the Champions, as well as other tournaments, which will help you to get the most out of your time here.
This season, there are several interesting matches that will be held in the main competitions of the Old Continent. The most interesting of them is the Champions. The tournament is very important for the teams that win it, because it allows them to get a chance at the European cups.
In the new Champions League, the favorites are: Liverpool, Barcelona, PSG and Bayern. All of them have a number 1, 2 and 3, respectively.
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What are the main advantages of watching the Champions?
Of the main benefits of watching a match of the championship is the fact that it is a chance for the fans to see a lot and to learn a lot about the game of their favorite teams.
It is also a chance that the teams have to fight against the strongest clubs in the Old World, and that is why it is so important.
Another advantage of watching matches of this tournament is the quality of the data that is available on our site.
Thanks to it, you will be able to follow the development of the events, as they happen on the field, and you will also be able not only be aware of the results, but you will have the opportunity to learn more about them.
How to follow all the Champions’ results?
You should follow the information on the Champions on the site of sports statistical, where all the data is updated on a regular basis.
There are several ways to follow it. One of them, is to use a mobile phone.

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