Top 10 greatest players of all time

The list of the best football players of the last decade is long and it is very difficult to choose only the best. This is why we have divided the list into several parts, which will help you to find the most interesting and interesting competitions.

In the last few years, the list of best football stars has changed a lot. The main reason for this is the development of technology. Now, it is much easier to follow the results of matches.
The most interesting competitions are:
* Champions League;
* Europa League;
* League of Nations;
* Super Cup.
This list will help to find out the most popular competitions, as well as the best players of each of them.
Who is the best player of the past decade?
The past decade was the most productive for football players. The list of top players of this decade is impressive, and it includes:
1. Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese scored more than 100 goals in a season. He was the best scorer of the Champions League for a long time.
2. Lionel Messi. The Argentine became the best goalscorer of the previous decade. He managed to score more than 50 goals in the Champions league.
3. Zinedine Zidane. The Frenchman managed to win the Champions cup for the first time in his career.
4. Ronaldo. He scored more goals than any other player in the history of the game.
5. Messi.
6. Xavi.
7. Busquets.
8. Rooney.
9. Suarez.
10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
You can always find the results on the website of sports statistics.
Football results today
The football season has just begun, so it is already very interesting. The top European championships are held simultaneously, which means that you can find the latest results of them on the sports statistics website.
In addition to the Champions and Europa League, the most important competitions are the following:
• Champions League
• Europa League
The first matches of the new season are already very exciting. The favorites of the tournament are already close to the victory. You can always follow the development on the site of sports statistical.
Livescore today
In order to find a lot of livescore today, you can use the website. It is easy to find it, as it is provided by the sports statistical service.
There is a special section for football, where you can easily find the information about the matches of this sport. The results of the matches are available in the format of both goals and shots.
It is also possible to find livescore of matches of other sports. For example, you will find it on the section “Livescores of basketball”.
Here, you have access to the results not only of the competitions of the National Basketball Association, but also of other leagues.
Latest livescore results of football matches
The season of the English Premier League has already ended. Now it is time to find its results. You will find the livescore result of the championship on the main page of the website, where the results are updated in real time. The Premier League is the most prestigious football league in the world.
On the main section of the site, you’ll find the following information:
● results of all matches;
● livescore;
• schedule of upcoming games;
This is a great opportunity to find all the information you need about the Premier League.
All the information is available to you in the convenient format.
Main football results today
The Premier League results are very interesting for football fans from all over the world, because there are only a few matches left. The last matches of each team are very important, because they determine the fate of the champion title.
At the moment, the main favorites of this season are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham. The team of Josep Guardiola has already won the champion’s title. The players of Liverpool, who were in the top 4 for the last three years, have recently lost it.
However, the Premier league is not the only tournament where the main contenders for the title are. You have to take into account the Europa League and the Champions Cup. The Champions Cup is the strongest tournament of the Old Continent. The teams from all around the world are invited to it. The winner of this tournament is considered the champion of the year.
Of course, the strongest team in the Old World is England. However, it has not been the best in the last years. The reason for that is the fact that the Premier and Champions cups are held at the same time. This makes it possible to compare the results.
If you want to find more information about any tournament, you should use the sports results on this website. Here, you won’t miss anything important.
Live football scores
The new season of football is already in full swing. You should follow the livescores results of this championship, as they will be updated in a few days.
Also, the season is very interesting, because the main favorite of the European cups is Arsenal. The Gunners have won the Champions trophy twice. The season will end with a victory in the Europa league.

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