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The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the transfer of the best players in the Premier League has already been announced. The transfer of Josep Guardiolaā€™s team has been particularly successful, as the club has signed a number of players who have been long-standing rivals of the Citizens.
The main transfer of this summer was the acquisition of the main defender of the team, from the Catalan team, Atletico Madrid, which is the subject of the article.

The club has also signed a goalkeeper from the Spanish championship, which will allow the team to have a good goalkeeper in the line-up.
Atletico Madridā€™ s main transfer is the acquisition by the Citizens of the player of the previous season, Diego Costa. The player of Atletico is a goalkeeper who has already played for the club for several seasons. The main thing that makes Costa a good choice for the Citizens is his experience and the fact that he is a good shot-stopper.
This summer, the Citizens have already signed a new defender, who will join the team in the summer. The new acquisition is a young player, who was already a regular in the team. The club has already signed the player, but he will not join the main squad, but will be used in the reserve.
Among the main transfers of the season, we can highlight the acquisitions of:
Ā· Marcelino;
Ā· Marceyln;
Ā· Nacho.
All these players have already played in the Spanish national team, and it is worth noting that the club also has a number who have already managed to achieve great results in the national championship.
Now, the main task of the club is to win the Champions League, which it managed to do in the previous year, and to do it in the next season.
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In the summer, Guardiolaļæ½
In summer, it has become much easier to follow the transfer news on, as it is now possible to follow all the changes in the transfer market.
After the summer transfer, the club will be able to strengthen the position of the defense, which was weak this season. The team has already managed this, as well as the acquisition, in the off-season, of the goalkeeper who will be an important addition to the teamā€™

Guardiolaā€™ has already stated that he wants to bring in a new goalkeeper in summer.
It is worth highlighting that the player that will be acquired is the goalkeeper from Valencia, who is considered to be one of the most promising players in Spain. The goalkeeper will join Guardiolaā€s team in summer, and will be the main goalkeeper of the squad.
Another acquisition of Guardiolaā€œs team is the signing of a young defender, from Barcelona, Jordi Alba. The young defender has already had several seasons in the Barcelona team, where he managed to score a number in the Champions league.
There is a high probability that the team will be strengthened in the winter transfer window, as there are already many good players in its squad. The Citizens will be very active in the market, as they have a number that can be bought.
Main transfers of other teams in the English Premier League
In addition to Guardiolaā€˜s team, the following clubs have also managed to make significant transfers in the last season:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool.
These clubs have managed to strengthen their positions, as a result of which the team has managed to win several trophies.
Manchester United has managed the transfer, in summer 2019, of Alexis Sanchez, who became the main striker of the Red Devils. Sanchez has already scored a number, and he is considered one of those players who can become the main star of the English championship. The acquisition of Sanchez will allow Manchester United to have an excellent striker in the lineup.
Chelsea has also managed a good transfer, as Diego Costa, who joined the team from the Portuguese club. The Costa is a player who has managed not to be a burden on the team and to score many goals.
Liverpool has also acquired a number. The most important acquisition is the one of Sadio Mane, who came from the club, as he was a player of great potential. The Liverpool team has become stronger this season, as its main goal is to get into the Championsā€™ League zone.
However, the team still has a long way to go, as many teams have already qualified for the Champions’ League.
Where can fans follow the news of the transfer window?
The transfer window in the current season has already ended, and fans can follow the changes that have taken place in the club.
Many fans have already noted that Liverpool has a good squad, as Liverpool has managed, in recent years, to win many trophies. The Reds have managed, as of the last few seasons, to have many players who are considered to have great potential, and they are able to become the leaders of the teams.
Of course, the Reds have not always been able to achieve this, but it is still a great achievement for the team that has managed it.
Fans can follow all transfers in real time on fScore.

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